Las Vegas Strip stabbing leaves at least 2 dead, suspect in custody


At least two people were killed and half a dozen injured after a man went on a stabbing rampage Thursday near a Las Vegas casino, police said.

Las Vegas police received a report of a stabbing at 11:42 a.m. Officers arriving at the scene “quickly identified the suspect” and took him into custody “without further incident,” law enforcement said in a statement. The arrest occurred within “minutes” of the stabbing at the 3100 block of South Las Vegas Boulevard, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said at an afternoon news conference.

The stabbing attacks took place in broad daylight in an area frequented by tourists near the Wynn casino.

The eight victims included one who was pronounced dead at the scene and another who was pronounced dead at University Medical Center, a hospital a few miles from where the incident occurred. Of the six injured, three are in critical condition, police said. Among the victims were tourists and locals, Lombardo said.

The suspect is a man who appears to be in his early 30s and likely does not live locally, law enforcement said. The police could not immediately determine the suspect’s motives, but it seems that the stabbing was not unprovoked, James LaRochelle, a senior Las Vegas police officer, told reporters.

A “large knife with a long blade” was found at the scene, he said.

The officer’s DNA is linked to the stabbing of the reporter in Las Vegas, police say

The suspect first hit two people, before heading south, stabbing five others. An eighth person was stabbed at a nearby third, LaRochelle said.

Although police did not release the identity of the victims, witnesses said the local media that they included show girls.

The alleged attacker said he was a chef, witnesses told KTNV Las Vegas, and asked to take photos with the showgirls. When they refused, he began the attack, KTNV reported.

Witness interviewed by a local TV station said she saw one victim screaming that he had been stabbed. He removed his T-shirt, apparently to put pressure on his chest, before sitting down at the bottom of the stairs, shaking. It took about ten minutes before first responders arrived to treat the man, she said.

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